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Grooved Kiln (GK) Sticks have revolutionized kiln drying of white woods in Quebec and throughout the world.  The GK sticks inhibits stick stain, and guaranties a clear surface on both faces of the board at all times.  Sawmills, custom dry kilns, wholesalers, distribution yards, furniture and hardwood component manufacturers are all proud users of this product. - Robert Goodfellow, Vice-President.



J.W. Goodfellow is the manufacturer and distributor in Quebec, Maritimes and all of New England for Grooved Kiln Sticks.


AdvantagesJWG logo

  • Does not sticker stain lumber
  • Reduces Kiln Down Grade Problems
  • Reduces Drying Costs
  • Reduces or Eliminates the Need for Dip Treating Lumber
  • Increases Kiln Efficiency (air dry longer without stains, less drying time in kilns)



Why Grooved Kiln Sticks?JWG logo

  • Grooved Kiln Sticks are a new design to increase air flow between the stick and the lumber. Many grooves and ridges run across the width of a stick to let air flow freely, unlike fluted sticks that have only one long groove.

  • GK Sticks allow air to move throughout the lumber pack. Increased air flow reduces

    • sticker stain

    • dry kiln costs

  • GK Sticks perform very efficiently for large widths, and high grade lumber.

  • GK Sticks are more cost effective than fluted sticks.

  • GK Sticks are hassle free

  • More than 10 million GK Sticks have been successfully marketed in North America alone.