Founded in 1978 by John William (Jack) Goodfellow, the company is now operated by his three sons who have been with the company since its inception. John, Bruce and Robert are also NHLA inspection school graduates. JW Goodfellow forest products is a wholesaler and exporter of high quality North American hardwoods, manufactured, kiln dried and graded according to the rules and sales codes of the national hardwood lumber association (NHLA).

JW Goodfellow manufactures and markets the following North American species. Hard Maple, Soft Maple, w/ash, Red Oak, White Oak, Cherry, Aspen, Basswood, Beech, Yellow and White Birch, as well as Walnut and Butternut all dried on the revolutionary Breeze dried sticks.

JW Goodfellow exports 80% of its production to the USA, Europe and the Pacific Rim. Our lumber is used in the production of a multitude of products: including flooring, furniture, architectural moldings and millwork, wooden doors, kitchen cabinets, wooden venetian blinds, caskets and hockey sticks, etc.


John Goodfellow


Cell: 450-429-8143

Robert Goodfellow

Vice President

Cell: 514-953-0159

Bruce Goodfellow

Vice President

Cell: 514-347-6224